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What students can expect
from the Road Map to College experience:

  • Achieve Your Dream
  • Our goal is to help you achieve your college dreams and to help you get a job in your field of study. Our counselors are local to East Contra Costa, both started their college experience at Los Medanos College, and went on to earn BA degrees at California Universities. They know how to help because they’ve been there!
  • Full Range of Services for One Semesters
  • You’ll get our full range of services for one semesters, long enough to make sure you have the tools to succeed in college. After one semesters, we still provide a lifetime of support through our Alumni program. You can always call on us with questions about school, and once you are ready to start the job search, we’ll be the first person you call so we can connect you to employers in your area of study.
  • Walking You through All Required Steps
  • Applying for a new college and completing all the steps to enroll can be confusing and stressful. We take the hard part out of it by walking you through all the required steps, taking you on a tour of the campus, so you know where your classes are, and introducing you to key people and support communities at the campus who will help you in the coming years.
  • School is Expensive, and We Get It
  • College can be expensive! We get it. After we apply for financial aid, we can help you purchase your textbooks, school supplies, parking passes, and uniforms or other required class materials as needed.
  • We Will Check In
  • Once you have started school, we will check in regulaly to see how you are doing. If you need help with tutoring or how to approach a difficult professor, we will give you advice and point you in the right direction. We are always on your side and will do everything we can to make sure you succeed as a college student!
  • Help You Financially
  • If you’re worried about where you’re going to live, how you will afford to eat, or how you will get to school/work, we’ve got your back. We will help you financially to make sure you are stable enough to study and get to where you need to go.
  • Get A Job
  • We know that life gets real sometimes, and you need money! We can also help you find a job and get prepared to work.
  • Meet As A Community
  • We meet once per month as a community so we can support each other and learn career skills at the same time. Employers have said that the most important thing new employees need to know is soft skills. What are those? We will teach you and make it fun, too! A warm hot meal and lots of laughter are always included in our regular meetings.
  • Celebrate Your Success
  • Every step of the way, we are there to celebrate your successes with you! From getting that A on an exam or building up the courage to visit your professor during office hours, we want you to know we see you and think you are amazing! You can count on us to be there at your graduation, too. Together, we will create an education and employment plan. You will be in the driver's seat, and we will be by your side to help you navigate. If you aren’t sure where you want to go, that’s okay too. We will help you create a vision and then help you with all the steps needed to get there.