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Office Hours

Mon - Fri: 9AM - 5PM

  • Your counselor will help you create your own personal education and employment plan. Through a series of questions and conversations, your counselor will help you develop a vision for your future, and then outline the key steps to getting there.  
  • We can help you apply to an appropriate, approved training program,, register for school, and select courses, keeping an eye out to make sure you’re taking the required courses and moving forward to meet your career goals.
  • Your counselor can help you find a part-time job while you’re in school, from writing a cover letter and resume to searching for the right job to preparing for the interview.

Our students will be admitted on a continuous “rolling” bases in accordance with their career or training programs admission requirements and schedule

Complete our online interest form, and one of our counselors will reach out to you.

Time and commitment.

Time! Check in at least twice per month with your counselor. AND You must attend the mandatory cohort meeting, which is held two Friday per month, 2PM - 4PM.

Commitment! You must be a willing participant in your success. We work with you. Be responsive to counselor's communication via text, phone calls or in-person meetings.