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Hi everyone! Now that school has recently started again, here are some helpful tips and tricks to get you back in the swing of things J

            Get your sleep schedule, and your schedule in general, under control. If you have been taking advantage of the summer by staying up late, waking up late, going out late- okay, you get the point- it may be hard for you to wake up early for that 8:00 am class. Try to go to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, even on the days you don’t have school. This will help your body adjust to your school schedule.

            Get to know your syllabus, so you know when your professor’s office hours are, when assignments are due, what is expected of you, and so on. Use your syllabus to map out the semester- schedule study times, assignment due dates, and tests, into your calendar or your planner. This will allow you to know when to start major assignments or when to start studying for exams, and you will also know when you will have more free time to hang out with your friends or participate in other social activities. When you schedule or plan for your assignments be realistic about how much time you really need to complete them.

            Try to make a new friend, or at least someone you can text for updates if you miss a class, in each class. This person doesn’t have to be your new best friend, but it’s super helpful to know at least one person in your class that you can talk to about the assignments, ask for clarification about the homework, or study with. Having a study buddy, or joining a study group, can make a huge difference.

            Know your professor’s office hours, and use them! Use them to check in, ask for help or assistance, or ask a question you were too shy or nervous to ask in class. You can also email your professor if you have a question.

            Don’t limit yourself to one study place! Switch up where you study- maybe one day it’s the library, the next day it’s at a park, then a coffee shop, and so on. A change of scenery can do wonders. Of course, find a study place that works for you, and will allow you to focus with no distractions. Also, try to study or review your notes a little bit at a time, instead of cramming for an exam the night before! Start studying early, and get a head of the game!

            Finally, have fun and enjoy the semester! Remember to still have a social life, practice self- care, and to not let one bad grade or “W bring” you down! Make the semester what you want it to be!


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